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Would you like to bring home a Mountain Sky Australian Labradoodle? 

First, please fill out an application.  We will call you after we receive your application to confirm that we received it and to have a brief conversation about any questions we have for you and vice versa.  If we both continue to move forward, please pay the $500 application fee. Your name will be placed on our master reservation list in the order we receive your application fee.  We will email you when a new litter is born and we have a spot available for you.  You can commit to that litter within 24 hours or pass to a future litter (within the next year).  Once you commit to a litter, the next payment of $1300 is due.



We post frequent videos to show how we raise the puppies in our private Facebook group.  It is super fun and addictive to watch the development process and see the puppies grow!  At 6 weeks of age, we host the local families for a puppy playdate and schedule a private FaceTime call for the out of town families.  After that visit, families may submit their top 4 choices in order based on their preferences.  At 7 weeks of age, we perform temperament testing.  We think of this as a kindergarten report card.  It gives a lot of helpful information on their personality: strengths and weaknesses.  We then review all of the families’ preferences, lifestyle, etc from the application, take note of the preferences we collect at 6 weeks of age and then assign puppies based on what we know will be best for the puppy and for the family. 


Our #1 priority is that we place a puppy in a compatible home and while we like to honor choices for gender and color, we can never guarantee these things because Mother Nature is responsible for what our dogs produce!  And besides, temperament is the most important part in establishing a great relationship from the start! Also, at 7 weeks, a contract will be signed and the last payment of $1300 is due. 


Puppy pick-up day is 10 am on the day the puppies turn 8 weeks!  We can also meet at Denver International Airport or can bring your puppy to you for an additional fee and the cost of airfare. We can usually hold puppies for $50/day after puppy pick-up day as long as we have availability and prior arrangements have been made. 


We strive to make this process fun and informative! We are here to help and support you before, during and after you add a new puppy to your family!  

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