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2023/2024 Expected Litters!

Both of our upcoming litters will be born mid-end of December and will be ready to go home mid-end February. This is the perfect timing! You can gift a puppy to your family and it will come home when all of the Holiday decorations have been put away!


We can even schedule you for a "puppy surprise" visit right before/after Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Poppy & Wilson

We are thrilled to be having our 3rd litter with these two parents together. They have produced some amazing puppies in the past. 

Estimated weight at maturity will be 20-30 lbs in shades of apricot, red, and caramel. 

Matilda & Riley

This will be Matilda and Riley's first litter together. We are so excited to see this pairing that will produce soft, wavy fleece coats in shades of chocolates, blacks, reds, apricots, and/or caramels. 

Estimated weight at maturity will be 25-35 lbs. 

See more pictures on FacebookInstagram!

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